Lexus to create Audi R8 for 2020

Lexus and BMW are chipping in together to create a car that will rival the Audi R8, which means we will have a new player in the supercar sector come 2020. According to those in the know the two manufacturers have put their heads together and created a mid engine all wheel prototype. Whilst they are creating this car as a joint effort there will be a separate model for both brands when it finally gets put into production in 2020.

BMW and Lexus will both bring something different to the table with regards to their own models, BMW is expected to opt for a straight six twin turbo with plug-in hybrid tech, whilst Lexus is expected to use something similar to the V8 that powers Toyota’s TS040 Le Mans race car. Whatever the case we are excited at the idea of having some new supercars to sink our teeth into. Beats the usual news of a facelifted Chevrolet Cruze, or an update on the likes of the Seat Alto.