Are You An Angry Driver?

Everybody can become frustrated when driving at times – it’s inevitable. None of us want to sit in traffic for hours wondering when it will ever begin to move, and there’s bound to have been countless times when inconsiderate motorists have pulled out on you without warning. Add these on road frustrations to those faced when we are forced to pay hefty servicing and maintenance costs, and a very angry driver is often the product. It is important to keep a lid on these frustrations however, as an angry driver can be a dangerous animal. So we have pointed out the top 5 traits or actions of the frustrated motorist to allow you to ask yourself: Am I an angry driver?


Speed up at lights
traffic lights
Do you speed up at all costs to avoid waiting at traffic lights, even if it means getting over as they turn red? Remember the lights only take a few seconds to change and you could cause and accident, plus the abrupt stop will not be good for your brakes if you don’t make it.


Swearing at others
People make mistakes when driving, it happens. You must be prepared for this however, and make a conscious effort not to react in the wrong way. Getting angry and swearing at someone could really ruin their day.


Beep your horn
If an old lady is driving her Renault Clio a little under the speed limit, try not to get frustrated and beep your horn – this could really unnerve an old person. Simply wait for the right opportunity and overtake.


Drive everywhere as fast as possible

Driving everywhere as fast as you can is never a good idea. Is saving a couple of minutes on your journey really that important? It could cause an accident and you’ll actually find that you’re more relaxed and will enjoy the ride more when you keep to speed limits.


Blaming Others For Your Mistakes

If you should make an error whilst driving, don’t immediately look for another motorist to blame. Accept that you have made a mistake and deal with it in the appropriate way, then carry on with your journey and forget all about it.

MOT and Servicing For Less

For several years now the economic climate of the UK has been in a state of recession, and hasn’t shown many signs of returning to a point of healthy growth in the foreseeable future. Unemployment across the country is higher than it has been for decades, as jobs become harder and harder to come by, while taxes have increased disproportionally with the price of goods. Cuts to government spending are continually putting strain on the capabilities of public sector services, at a time when disposable income is at an all-time low for many.

Needless to say, for whomever it wasn’t already a priority, the need to save money certainly is now. One aspect of modern life which proves difficult to cut back on yet continues to rise in its costs is driving. The vast majority of us cannot get around the fact that we need to drive, and of course fueling, taxing and maintaining our vehicles makes for some serious dents in the proverbial wallet.

Unfortunately, the price of fuel is a variable upon which we mortals have no means to influence, similar to road tax. However, what we can save on is MOT and servicing. This may come as a new concept to many, who are used to taking their car down to their local garage and accepting the first price quoted. In all fairness, how is a person to know what a ‘good’ price is for an MOT or service, or which garages offer the cheapest deals?mot-sad-man

Well until now, there really hasn’t been an effective way to know where to find the cheapest price for a service for your vehicle. Thanks to a brand new service introduced by leading automotive site however, which is the first of its kind in the UK, all that is about to change. Aforementioned service is an online MOT and service comparison site which allows motorists to input the make and model of their vehicle as well as the area in which they live. Within seconds a list of garages along with comprehensive pricing information are displayed by proximity to the specified postcode.

This enables the user to make an informed decision on where to take their vehicle for its service or MOT. The site really couldn’t be easier to use and will undoubtedly save you £££s over years to come.happy-man For example, you can find out where is cheapest in Manchester to service a Vauxhall Corsa.